Saturday, April 25, 2009

Protecting the enviroment is the most important problem facing the world today. How far do you agree with this opinion?

In my opinion, protecting the environment is a problem that should concern all the people around the world, the world that is in a continous change. A change that affects mostly the environement and without knowledge, us the people.We need to focus more on the environment and we need to realise that not protecting it, we are really not protecting us.
The environment represents a basic element of our human existence and it is also the interference between some naturale elements with the elements created by the human activity. We are in a continous conextion with the environment, and the way we treat it, affects us.As a result of the demographic explosion, and the industrial boom, the necesity for working materials and energy has sufferd a huge increase, and the intense exploitation of the Earth`s resources, reveals , obviously, and unbalanced environment. We only think at the profit we obtain, but we don`t think at the concequences of our actions. Everything we do it affects us.
Keeping a proper quality of the environemnt, protecting it-as a necesity of survival and progress-represents a major problem and it needs the proper attention and councern.We need to decrease the activities that have a negative effect on the environment.
In order to protect the environmet, we need to realise how much a polluated ecosistem affects our lifes. For example, a polluated air affects our health.The presure of the human activities is increasing. The industrial development,the changes, the updating of the traveling etc, all of these are harming the environment.We need to realise this, and we need to start making changes. Our disregard about the environment is destroying it. It is slowly destroying the whole world. Because the environment, means life, without it we can`t live . The environment is our friend, but we treat it as we would treat our worst enemy.If we want to see a change in these world, we need to be the change!
The world`s future is doubtful and if we don`t start to make changes, the planet and the poeple are facing a huge disaster.We need to create a healthy life, and have a healthy environment for us, and for the next generations.

Be the change you want to see in the world!


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