Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello world!

Hello all! I decided to have a blog, just like most of us, because, you know, it’s cool and trendy :) just kidding I never do things because they are cool or trendy, I do always what i feel to do. The real reason: i was bored! and I was thinking what to do, so i said ” Let’s make myself a blog” . So here it is… Well, I don’t know what I will be writting, I don’t know why I made it, but I did it, so here it goes! First of all, I’m a girl, I’m in my senior year of highschool , it doesn’t matter where I’m from( or does it?? why should it matter? :P ),and the most important thing I’m in LOVE! Always ! IN LOVE WITH LIFE! Yes, life it’s beautiful, it has it’s good days and bad days too, but that’s what makes it beautiful! Never hate your life, because you can change it, you can made it, and the most important,you can live it!! Live your life everyday like is the last day!

I must say that english is not my primarly language, so if i make mistakes, sorry :p Why I’m writting in english if it isn’t my primarly language? Good question! But why not? I like english, this is a way of practicing it :) I guess this is all for today…see you later

P.S: I had a little accident with my car today for the first time! No big deal, the car has a few scratches, and nobody got hurt. But I must say, that it wasn’t my fault! ( well, maybe a little, but very little :))

PPS: I’m a very responsable driver, but, you know, these type of things can happen to anyone

PPPS ) : Drive carefuly!

Bye bye and don’t forget that a smile doesn’t cost anything! So don’t forget to smile everytime you feel like crying inside!! :*


Wesley said...

Hey thanks a lot for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it !

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