Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little fashion talk :)

As you can see, I love fashion! But fashion doesn't mean everything in the world to me ( but I still love it:) ) So I was surfing the web for some fashion news, and I found something so cuuuute! Super cute kids on the runway! They are from Spain, and they where presenting the children fashion of spring/summer 2009! Here are some pictures of them, they are adorable!

According to, worst fashion trends of 2008, includes maxxi dresses, gladiators, black tights with everything, boho and giant scarves. Ok, I'm ok with that, but gladiators?? Oh my God, I love gladiator boots! I was so dissapointed when I found it on the worst fashion trends of 2008! So i guees they are a fashion don't, but i still love them:)

So gorgeous, no? :P

Kisses, and don't forget to live, laugh, love!


Wesley said...

Those poor kids are going to grow up so stuck up. But they are definitely cute.

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