Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gossip Girl

I'm sure must of you ladies are watching Gossip Girl. And not as much for the gossip , as for the fashion:) Whether you like the series or not, you gotta love their fashion! Here are some of my fave looks that Blair&Serena rocked on the show, and in real life as well.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Llooooooyd :)

I've had a crush on Lloyd since 2004, when Southside dropped! :) And I think he is very underrated, he doesn't get the props he deserves. ! I mean, c'mon, he rocks! He has an amazing voice ( and smile:P ), he writtes his music and he can dance the hell off! And last but not least, he has good looks too :)
Anyway, here is Bedrock with Young Money!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm so haaard! :)

I don't really like Rihanna's image lately, but she has good songs and this one I just can't get it out of my head. Oh, and I admire her because she passed bravely the Chris Brown "phase"!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My top 5 Lady Gaga Looks!

Nobody can't deny that Lady Gaga is a fashion icon! Although sometimes I think she overreacts, I admire her for being different, for trying new things, for having personality and last but not least, because she can really sing!! Here are my 5 favourite looks of her:

#5 I love this outfit! Simple and stylish!

# 4 Love the all white look

# 3

# 2

#1 Love this pink dress

Friday, December 18, 2009

Simply amazing!

This song makes me shiver..his voice makes me shiver...it's amazing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer love!

Hello!! Long time since I've blogged....Well I've been busy ( sort of:) ) and lazy!!! :) I've passed the final exams, I've gotten into university and now.......Holiday! Yeees, summer rocks, it's my favourite season!!:) I better start packing, cause in less than a week I'll be tanning on the beach:)

So before I go on my vacation, I've attached some pictures with some of my favourite swimsuits:

The last 3 swimsuits are from BabyPhat. Please note: I do not own these pictures, and all copyright policies are respected on this blog!

Enjoy the summer! Live, laugh,love! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

A funny survey:)

Konner's ingenius Survey by kduds103
Are You
some sick phsyco-path killer?: maybe
a virgin?: :)) that's personal:P
in school: yeah
a no-body: nope
Would you _____ for $?
kill: no
have sex: definitelyt no! i have dignity
slap a blind dude: no, i have respect also:P
trip a blind dude: no
get a sex change: nooo
wear a speed-o: no
go streaking: :))) who knows:))
kiss the same gender: yes
walk around all day with your fly wide open: maybe:) if the amount of money is worth it:_
french your dog: :))
is your god?: God
do you admire: J Lo, Beyonce,Eminem, N-dubz,
do you think is extremely hot: Marlon Brandon, Paul Newman Vin Diesel, Johnny Depp and should I go on?:)
thinks you're extremely hot: who doesn't?:)))
do you see yourself w/ in 5 years: hmm... don't know
would you date as a dare: anyone
do you wanna hurt real bad: my math teacher:))
is your sworn enemy: no one, having enemy's is a waste of time! i ignore people i don't like
yes and no's (or hell no's)
are you gay: nope
ne piercings: no at the moment
u do drugs: hell no!!
smoke cigars/cigarettes: no
drink booze: who doesn't?
got a bf/gf: nope
Take Jesus as ur savior: of course
go to church: seldom
the following will not show on ur profile but u can keep it for personal reasons.
who's ur crush?: Marlon Brando
who do u love?: my parents at the moment:P
do u pick ur nose?: :))) do you?
what's ur most gross habit?: nail biting
ever thought about being gay?: no, why should I?:)
ever found someone of the same gender attractive?: yes
what would you never tell anyone about yourself?: something that i would never tell:))
ok enough of that...when........
do you wish you could have killed yourself: never:P
did you have your first crush?: at 11 years i think:-?
is your b-day: 28 of january
was the last time u cried: hmm...2 weeks a ago
did you recieve your last compliment? wat was it?: today
was the last time you had a bf/gf?: 3 months ago
the last, most outrageous question EVER!
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