Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advertising: Information or Manipulation?

Manipulation means in fact, offering a false information in order to achieve your goals.Basicly, we tell a lie hoping that this lie will bring us benefits. But, these has it’s risks too: if all the companies would use a false advertising, eventually, the people will find out the truth, and then the company would lose all it’s credibility and it’s good image.
Advertising is neither good, nor bad, it’s just a "device” used by the companies to promote their products and to offer us information about it. In most cases, an information that is far away from the truth. It is normal for the companies to want to promote and sell their products, so they can gain profit. They want to achieve profit by any means possible, even by lying the whole world. But isn’t this a normal thing for most of us?Don`t we want to achieve our goals? ? Even if we don’t realise, indirectly we manipulate too, in order to get what we want. Maybe we use as an excuse the morality, or the good character. But it is the same thing. We take advantage of the people we think are weaker than ourselves, and we try to manipulate them so we can reach our goal. Advertising has the same role. It gives us information, information that is trying to manipulate us, so that the company can gain benefits. It is human nature. It’s the society. We do the same, the companies do the same, that’s how the world goes. If the advertise we see on TV for example, attract us, we tend to go and buy the product, just because the advertise for it was fantastic.
But we need to realise that, in order to sell a product, the company will do everything to attract the costumers and to fool them to buy their products. But that doesn`t mean the product is really that good as they make us believe. For example, we tend to buy expensive things, just because we think more money equals better quality. But is this thing really true? In most cases is not, but the advertise and the publicity for it, makes us think it is. Another example, if a celebrity is advertising for a product, we go and buy it, just because the celebrity has it too. It is all a trick from the companies to sell their products and to manipulate us.
But it depends on us, if we let ourselves be manipulated. We need to open our eyes, and think twice if the information we receive is good, or is just pure marketing to gain profit.

P.S: Stand for what you believe in, even if it means you'r standing alone!


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