Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad day today! About hypocrites.... many of us are really humans?? Because, as far as I know, being a human and not an animal involves a lot more than the ability to speak. But, most of us have forgotten how to be humans. Where are all the moral values, where is the integrity, where is the kind heart?? People have forgotten all of this, they have forgotten that sincerity, integrity, good character are the values that should define the human being! Not the money, not the power, not the clothes you wear, not the ice you have on! Most of us are capable of everything in order to achieve our goal, is not important how we get to the top, is only important to get there no matter what. It doesn't matter what you have to do, it doesn't matter you have to be fake, hypocrite, lie, hurt other people, use other people for your own interest. How the hell could all of this not matter??? I honestly can't understant these kind of people! Don't you have character, don't you have self respect, don't you have integrity?? What kind of humans are you?? Unfortunatley, the world is full pf people like this, and it hurts me more and more when I realize I am surrounded by this kind.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, nobody is, but I could never be like that! I can't stand hypocrite people, fake people, I can't stand people who lie without shame! I try to be honest all the time, and not front about anything. Yes, truth hurts sometimes, but in my opinion, a lie is worse! That's why, I always say what I feel, and I always say to people straight in the face everything! I'm the first person that you will see standing up and fighting for justice:) I'm the first person who will help a friend! That's why, I don't get close to hypocrite people! And I'm aware that this type of people have much more chance to succed in life, because, as I said, they don't care what they have to do for that succes, but I don't care, I will prove them I'll be better then them, because I have something they could never have: integrity and God! Yes, I have a God, a God that I'm afraid of, a God that I love and respect! I'm not saying I'm Mother Teresa, in fact, I seldom go to church! And you wanna know why? Because most of the people that go there are hypocrites! They don't go to church because they love God, and because they are good christians, they go to church because they want us to believe they are good christians! In the daily life, they forget how to be humans, they lie, they don't have moral values, they are hypocrites! But they go to church! What's the point?? Do you think God is blind, do you think God doesn't know you, and doesn't see what you are doing??

For example, I once knew a man, a thief, he was robbing for a living. But not because he was very poor and didn't have what to eat or where to live, he just found it easier to steal from people, than to work for a living, like normal people do. But, almost every Sunday he was at church! Does it make any difference?? Do you think God will forgive everything you did, only because you go to church without feeling guilty for your acts?? God, give those people some sense!

Few know how to be true friends, you are their friend as long as they need you, as long as they can use you in their one benefit. I'm saying, is it worth it to have 100 friends, and none of them true friends, or is better to have only 2 friends for example, but true?! But, does real friends really exist?? Friends play you behind your back better than your worst enemy could.... Someone stabbed me in the back recently, but it didn't hurt very much, because I saw it coming. She wasn't my best friend, she was only a close friend, but it doesn't matter, because I could not ever do that to her! That's why I thank God becase I still have integrity and moral values!

I felt very bad today and I needed to write this.....Life sucks and then you die, no?? :)) It's a line from a Ryan Reynolds ( hot guy by the way!) movie, "School of life"! Very good movie! If you haven't seen it by now, watch it, it's worth it!

So people, stand up for what you believe in, don't forget to have integrity and character,admit with dignity your mistakes, admit when you'r wrong and always try to correct your mistakes and to learn from them! And remember what goes around comes around! Always!


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