Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Na na naaay!

I have a new music fetish ( it happens to me often): N-dubz! I'm sure most of you know them, if not, search them on Youtube. I must say, I heard a song from them only a couple of weeks ago....shame on me! But the song rocked, the lyrics too, and since then, I have been listening to them 24/7! So... N-Dubz are a hip hop/r&b group from UK, and they released their debut album called Uncle B ( in memory of Dappy's dad who died in 2007), on 17 november 2008. They are young, they have a new and fresh sound, and they put their soul into their music! And Dappy is an amazing lyricist, he was compared even to Eminem! And Tulisa has a sweet voice ( and great looks :P). Hope you liked them too! They are worth it!

Here's my favourite song of them:


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